Do you promote businesses which have a specific B-BBEE level or ownership?

No, we promote ANY South African Business, irrespective or levels, ratings or ownership

Why do you only promote South African Businesses and Brands?

It is to help create employment, stimulate the economy, explore & expand the production/manufacturing capabilities in South Africa

Do you promote any International Businesses?

Yes, we do. If an international business has set up production plants in South Africa or outsources their production to a South African company, which creates local employment. 

Do I need to become a member to use the Made in ZA and Localise logo?

Yes, this is to ensure that the brand is not abused or misrepresented. Example, a business may state that they are selling South African brands to lure customers in. however, the brands are not South African.

Do you offer exclusive partnerships with any business?

No, we allow every business to have the same opportunity as their competitor.